This is a war-cry from 60 years ago that is still being shouted today.
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These are the times to grow our souls. Each of us is called upon to embrace the conviction that despite the powers and principalities bent on commodifying all our human relationships, we have the power within us to create the world anew. - Grace Lee Boggs
#thoughtprovokingnight #soundtrack63  (at Parsons The New School for Design)

More from Soundtrack ‘63 #war #soundtrack63 @akuasoadwa (at Parsons The New School for Design)

Amazingly powerful performance! #soundtrack63 #inawe (at Parsons The New School for Design)

Day 2 :: Good morning! #lifeyouwantweekend (at Prudential Center)

Me, Oprah & Mom. #lifeyouwantweekend #momneedsaninstagram

Zia’s birthday song to me ❤️#sheagonyamofmicakelol (at The Door Resturant)

Pre- Bday dinner with my Donettes and Belles! #bdaywkend  (at The Door Resturant)
Enjoying the view - ACE Cocktail Reception. #architectureconstructionengineering #68thflr #startofanotheryearofmentoring #widoitfidiyouthdem (at 4 World Trade Center)
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